Arthur Eichelberger

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Hi, I'm Arthur. I've been working as a Software Engineer and an Engineering Manager since 2020 in different tech companies, including bootstrapped, early-stage, and scale-ups.

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Experienced Software Engineer and Engineering Manager with a proven track record of driving growth and delivering innovative solutions at diverse companies. Passionate about product development and process improvement.

  • Crew

    Technical Leader at Crew

    - ·Paris, France


    At Crew, I have the role of leading the technical team, with a focus on developing advanced tools for recruiters. Our main priorities are efficiency and design, ensuring that our solutions empower recruiters with streamlined processes and optimal outcomes. With my responsibilities split between contributing (70%) and management (30%), I oversee the team's efforts to deliver cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of recruiters.

  • Lydia

    Software Engineer at Lydia

    - ·Paris, France


    At Lydia, a leading French fintech unicorn, I played a key role in creating, developing, and monitoring a trading product that was made available to 6 million users. From start to finish, I was involved in every step of the process, ensuring its seamless transition to a live production environment.

  • Lemon Learning

    Software Engineer at Lemon Learning

    - ·Paris, France

    EngineeringFrontendBackendCustomer Success

    As a Software Engineer at Lemon Learning, I successfully developed new features across the technical stack while also contributing to customer onboarding and satisfaction. My contributions played a role in the company's growth and helped improve user satisfaction at Lemon Learning.

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I enjoy discussing engineering and management topics. If my thoughts resonate with you or if you'd like to grab a quick coffee, let's meet up.